About Us

A Visionary Approach To Laughter.

Who We Are:
  • Grake Den is all about helping others neglect life’s bullish!t and laugh your way to a better today!
What We Do:
  • Bridging comedy and originality with outlandish creations, Grake Den leaves no stone unturned in its quest to poke fun at…ALL THE THINGS.
    No topic is off-limits and any situation is an opportunity for Grake-ness.
What is Grake Den:
  • It’s Grake Den not Grakeden. A Grakeden sounds like a terrifying creature.  A mythological beast that strikes fear into the hearts of the deadliest Kraken.
It’s Great Then…and then it’s Grate Then…and then it’s Great Den dun-nun-uh GREAT!
It’s Grake Den dun-nun-uh Grake Den!

It’s an idea harmonized by my brother and 2 sons that started out as a catchy tune and inside joke. This harmonious idea served as inspiration and fueled an award-winning comedic journey.

Grake Den offers an escape from life’s harsh realities and offers a hilarious, yet simple perspective in turning lemons into lemonade. A world where the unbelievable seems made up and yet, oddly relatable. 

Life happens and some times, that sucks. Trust us, we know better than most that life will keep you down…if you let it.
Don’t let life get you down, Quit Meth’in Around and turn that frown upside down.

Our values / beliefs and ideal customer:

Having a rough day? Read on, we just might have something for you. Reading not your thing? Even better, you’re an ideal customer.
Because at Grake Den we have engineered a uniquely hilarious concept geared towards entertaining those that don’t have time to read, those that don’t like to read AND those on the lookout for that one truly unique experience.
Are you an avid reader? Don’t worry, we’ve go you covered with an entertaining read like no other.

Grab negativity by the balls and infuse positivity and laughter into your life. Be so focused on the positive that negativity has no room for growth. In other words: be so busy counting your blessings, that thoughts of doom and gloom are drowned out.

We believe every day is an opportunity for Grake-ness.  Every day presents a unique opportunity to laugh your way to a better today and transform life’s situations into laughable memories!